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Configurate your own cooler!

September 25, 2023

Hydroniq Coolers has launched an online tool that allows ship designers, shipyards and shipowners to identify the optimal seawater cooling system configuration for their specific vessel.

Hydroniq Coolers has developed the online calculator for the company’s Pleat seawater cooler, which is widely regarded as one of the maritime market’s most reliable, maintenance friendly and cost-efficient seawater cooling systems.

“It is an easily accessible online tool that enables users to quickly identify the most optimal cooling system for their specific vessel requirements. It helps to find the required cooling capacity solution with the lowest possible capex and opex,” says Inge Bøen, managing director of Hydroniq Coolers.

The Pleat is a flexible heat exchange solution delivered in a variety of sizes for central cooling, auxiliary, and various combinations of engine cooling. It has a design pressure of 6 bars and design temperature of 0-95°C.

By simply inputting basic parameters such as required effect (kW) and flow (m3/h) as well as expected temperature of inbound and outbound water, the online configurator will automatically calculate the various cooling systems options that fits your requirements. The search results include technical data such as number of cooling elements, weight and required space on board. It also allows you to download a GA (general arrangement) drawing of each recommended solution.

The online cooling system configurator also has an advanced search function that allows you to enter specific values on both the freshwater and seawater and side, including glycol, fouling and salinity percentages, plus max pressure drop values.

“The configurator can significantly shorten the time ship designers and shipyards use to assess and identify potential cooling solutions. They reduce their procurement time and we cut time our end. It is a time and money-saving tool for both our customers and us at Hydroniq Coolers,” adds Inge Bøen.

Introduced in 2011, the patented Pleat is still the favoured seawater cooler for hundreds of shipowners worldwide. It comes in a variety of sizes, has long service intervals, and is easy to dismantle, clean and assemble.

Click here to try out the new online Pleat calculator.

If you are a potential customer that needs support to utilize the Pleat calculator, feel free to contact Lars Elling, Jan Inge or Magnar in our sales team.