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Pleat Cooler

Flexible heat exchange solution delivered in a variety of sizes for central cooling, auxiliary, and various combinations of engine cooling.
Hydroniq Pleat Cooler is a patented product.

Applicable for both maritime and industrial use.

Easy cleaning routines and longer cleaning intervals.

Scaleable by adding or removing elements.

Online Pleat calculator

Find the perfect fit for your configuration with our online Pleat calculator.

Pleat calculator

Flexible configuration – combine seawater and freshwater systems in one unit.

The Hydroniq Pleat Cooler is a flexible setup, and comes in a variety of sizes for space effeciency and scaling capacity. We have also made it possible to combine one seawater system with multiple freshwater system into one unit.

Hydroniq pleat cooler range
Easy cleaning process of the Hydroniq Pleat Cooler

Reduce cleaning time by more than 90%.

With the Hydroniq Pleat Cooler we have solved the main challenge of seawater cooling - the cleaning process. Through smart design and greatly reduced number of components the process is easy and efficient. This ensures the vessel's uptime and problem-free working days for the crew. Pleat is a patented solution.

Sealed at first attempt!

A part of the hassle-free cleaning routines is the easy reassembly. The Hydroniq Pleat Cooler is designed with only one gasket between elements, and mechanical stops when reassembling the cooler.

Assembly of pleat cooler element

A fraction of spare parts consumption.

A natural consequence of well-thought-out design is fewer and more robust parts in use. By folding the titanium sheets we dramatically reduce the number of gaskets used in the Pleat technology, and thereby reduce maintenance time and cost. By making things simple, we can also increase the intervals between each maintenance.


We have delivered heat exchange systems to a wide range of customers and projects over a long time. Below you will find a list of recent installations.

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Grdi of ships that run Hydroniq Pleat Coolers.