Rack Cooler

Constant and efficient cooling

The Hydroniq Rack cooler solution provides the benefits of both box and plate coolers – without the disadvantages of either system.

Key features of a hydroniq Rack Cooler

  • Unique maintenance friendliness

  • Constant and efficient cooling

  • Saves space in engine room


Easy inspection and maintenance

  • Tubes in CuNi prevent marine growth.

  • Few service gaskets (low life cycle cost).

  • No need for dry docking (compared to box-coolers).

  • No galvanic corrosion (100% insulated from the hull-structure).

Closed tank system – forced flow

High efficiency

  • Closed tank system in which frequency-controlled pumps distribute seawater regardless of the vessels speed

  • Twice or three times the heat transfer (K-value) that box coolers can provide

Rack cooler saves space in engine room


Potential savings Rack vs Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Reduzed energy-consumption on the seawater pumps

  • Chilled-Water Unit (reduzed need of chilled-water compressors)

  • Heat Recovery Unit (can be used for anti-icing, heating cargo etc.)

  • Less maintenance (longer intervals and fewer parts)

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