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Rack Cooler

The Hydroniq Rack cooler solution provides the benefits of both box and plate coolers – without the disadvantages of either system.
Hydroniq Rack Cooler is a patented product.
Hydroniq Rack Cooler

Applicable for both maritime and industrial use.

Unique maintenance friendliness.

Save space in engine room and technical rooms.

The Hydroniq Rack Cooler is made for constant and efficient cooling in rough environments.

We have equipped the coolers with tubes in high quality CuNi material to prevent marine growth. To keep things simple we have reduced the numbers of service gaskets, and designed the coolers to be maintained without the need for dry docking.

In case of maritime installation the system itself is 100% isolated from the hull, preventing galvanic corrosion.

Hydroniq Rack Cooler
Hydroniq Rack Cooler components

Closed tank system for high efficiency and constant operation.

The Hydroniq Rack Cooler is a closed tank system in which frequency-controlled pumps distribute seawater regardless of vessel speed. This provides up to three times higher heat transfer efficiency compared to a traditional box cooler.

Space saving design

Smart system layout and highly efficient components requires less space than other cooling systems.

Hydroniq rack coolers installed in vessel.
Grdi of ships that run Hydroniq Rack Coolers.


We have delivered heat exchange systems to a wide range of customers and projects over a long time. Below you will find a list of recent installations.

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