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Meet Sindre Lorgen: Hydroniq Coolers’ first full-time employee and a man with a love for family, football, hunting and Spain.

April 21, 2023

Sindre has been living at Ellingsøy, the home of Hydroniq Coolers, his entire life. He is 46 years old and is married to Elisabeth whom he got married to in 2008. Together, they have three kids, a 17-year-old daughter and two 9- and 13-years old sons.

After finishing secondary school, he took some courses in mechanics and then became an apprentice at Sperre industri, which Hydroniq Coolers was a part of back then. After his time as an apprentice, he started at a higher professional degree in machines.  

“After I finished his degree in 1998, I got hired at Sperre Sveis, which is the sister company of Sperre Industri, the same company where I served as an apprentice,” Sindre tells.

In 2011, he received an offer to join what was to become Sperre Coolers, the predecessor to Hydroniq Coolers. Sindre worked half his time at Sperre Coolers and the other half at at Sperre Sveis. In 2012, he was hired full-time at what now is Hydroniq Coolers.

“I have grown up with Sperre here at Ellingsøy and have always known about the local product and company. I got the chance to work at Sperre at a very young age, and the unique working environment is the main reason why I’m still at the company. Having the office as one of my closest neighbors is also very practical in my hectic everyday life,” Sindre tells.

“I was actually the first employee at Sperre Coolers, now Hydroniq Coolers, back in 2011, which I believe is a cool fun fact,” he continues.

Responsible for purchasing and production

At Hydroniq Coolers, Sindre is responsible for the purchasing and production. He makes sure that every process runs smoothly, and that everyone compiles with their agreements, both when it comes to clients and suppliers.

“At Sperre Coolers, I was hired as the production manager. In 2018, I took on the role as the purchasing manager and have since then enjoyed juggling both responsibilities”, says Sindre.

In his role at the company, he travels to different parts of the world both to assist and visit clients and suppliers. He usually travels within Norway, South Korea and Turkey, to mention a few, which is well known in the shipbuilding industry. He also travels to countries such as Denmark, Germany, and Slovenia on matters of purchasing.

A family man with a love for Spain

One can easily say that Sindre is above average interested in football, and luckily, both his oldest daughters and youngest son are active on the field.

“When I’m not on the sideline on the football pitch watching my kids, or in front of the TV watching a game, I spend a lot of my time outdoors hunting. My 13-year-old has a growing interest in hunting as well, so it is very good to be able to spend some quality time with him,” says Sindre.

Even though the hunting trips are usually concentrated around Ellingsøy, he enjoys traveling and experiencing other areas during the season as well. His love for the outdoors includes other activities than just hunting, and once a year, Sindre and his son travel on a boys’ fishing trip.

While hunting and fishing are what keep Sindre busy during the autumn, he is a creature of habit during the summer.  

“My parents-in-law have a house in Spain, and we have spent the last 10 summers there. With the grey and rainy weather outside, we are planning on booking the plane tickets soon so we can start to look forward to the summer,” Sindre concludes with a smile.