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GONDAN Shipbuilders chooses hull-integrated coolers for Scotland-bound vessel

June 26, 2023

26 June 2023 – Spanish shipyard GONDAN Shipbuilders has awarded Norway based Hydroniq Coolers a contract to deliver its hull-integrated marine cooling system to a newbuild hybrid buoy tender vessel.


GONDAN is building the hybrid powered buoy tender vessel the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB), the general lighthouse authority for Scotland and the Isle of Man. 

Hydroniq Coolers will supply its hull-integrated “Rack” seawater cooling system to the buoy tender vessel. The Rack cooler is integrated in the hull below the main engine room of the vessel. Here it reduces temperatures in the ship’s engines and other auxiliary systems through use of seawater, but without taking up valuable engine room space. The system’s main purpose is to help avoid overheating the engine and other critical systems.  

The Rack seawater cooler is highly energy efficient, and the vessel crew can clean the system themselves while at sea. These are just a few of the numerous contributing factors towards developing a vessel that uses new technology to minimize the impact on the environment and to meet

Magnar Kvalheim

“The environmental profile of this buoy tender vessel is impressive. Energy efficiency and keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum, while maintaining operating capabilities, were therefore key criteria in the tender from GONDAN. We are very proud to have won this contract,” says Magnar Kvalheim, sales manager at Hydroniq Coolers. 

Hydroniq Coolers will manufacture and assemble the equipment at its headquarter at Ellingsøy outside Aalesund, Norway, and deliver it at GONDAN Shipyard in Spain. Hydroniq Coolers has not disclosed the value of the contract. 

The newbuild tender buoy vessel – to be named Pole Star – will replace the current NLV Pole Star, which after 23 of service is rapidly approaching the end of her economic life. The vessel will enter service in June 2025. 

The new Pole Star will be constructed to a detailed specification which ensures improved sea keeping, better and safer buoy servicing operations, towing and firefighting capability.

The vessel will deliver vital stores and supplies to lighthouses along the coastline, inspect navigation aids on oil and gas rigs, and help to carry out important buoy work, providing a crucial service to the wider maritime sector and upholding safety levels in Scottish waters.