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As most in the maritime industry known, every ship needs to cool down its engines, where horsepower in the thousands are generating a huge amount of heat, which needs to be removed in an environmentally and efficient manner. Failure or inefficient cooling might lead to reduces engine capacity or in worst case costly breakdown of essential equipment or the engine itself.  

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The ingenious Rack cooler differs from other cooling systems as it is integrated in the hull below the main engine room of the vessel. Here it safely reduces temperatures in the ship’s engines and other auxiliary systems through use of seawater – but without taking up valuable engine room space.

Norwegian technology company Hydroniq Coolers has developed the Rack cooler. A technology that is also patented due to is innovative uniqueness. The company has combined the benefits from box and plate coolers, without the disadvantages of either system.

For example, the Rack cooler combines the energy and space-saving features of a box cooler with the standardised steel structure and constant and efficient cooling of a plate heat exchanger – uniting all these qualities into one system. Additionally, the Rack offers a maintenance-friendliness that neither the box nor plate cooler can compete with. Allow us to elaborate:

The Rack provides constant and efficient cooling with close to zero downtime and with a K-value heat transfer that is 3 times than what box coolers can deliver. Forced seawater flow ensures predictable cooling, but with a cooling capacity that is independent of the ship’s service speed. Self-cleaning seawater filters underlines its maintenance friendly nature.

The Rack is also packed with fuel and energy saving solutions such as frequency operated seawater pumps which due to low pressure drop requires lower power consumption. Chilled water element reduces running time at the chilled-water compressors while heat recovery element makes it possible to use the surplus heat, further underlining the system’s energy efficiency.

By integrating the system in the ship’s steel structure – normally between frames in double-bottom – the Rack cooler saves valuable space in the vessel’s engine room. This means that also the piping is situated below deck, which also means reduced piping arrangement for seawater.

The fact that the Rack comes in a standardised steel structure and is installed close to the main engines means less piping and infrastructure. From a volume perspective it offers the same cooling effect as a box cooler that is 10 times the size of the Rack. Combined with lower piping requirements, such weight advantage affects the vessel’s buoyancy positively. Furthermore, it is very easy for a shipyard to install the Rack cooling system.

The Rack seawater cooler is packed with maintenance friendly features. Firstly, dry docking is not necessary as its design ensures easy access for inspection and maintenance, without the need for special technical qualifications. Tubes in CuNi prevents marine growth, while few service gaskets ensure low lifecycle cost, and as the cooler is 100% insulated from the hull structure, there is no galvanic corrosion to worry about.

Interested in finding out more? Contact Hans Robert Almestad at Hydroniq Coolers.

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About Hydroniq Coolers

Hydroniq Coolers’ (formerly Sperre Coolers) Rack cooler is manufactured and assembled at the company’s headquarter in Aalesund, Norway.

The company delivers marine cooling solutions to vessels that operate within offshore, shipping, cruise, passenger transport, fishery and fish farming. Shipowners, yards and ship designers are among the company’s customers and cooperation partners. The company is owned by Norwegian investment company SMV Invest AS (formerly Sperre Mek. Verksted AS).  

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